"Now that's a family in love"

“ Now that’s a family in love”

Fall is such a beautiful time. Vibrant oranges, reds and yellows grace every natural pallet Mother Nature graces with her cool fall air. Stephanie, RAE, and their little ones are a very special family to, And we couldn't wait for the opportunity to capture some of them on camera for the world to see.

As fall ushers in and the beauty of a new season reminds us of times incessant pursuit of change, we had the opportunity to freeze some of the little munchkin's smiles before Old Man Winter makes his un-welcomed appearance. As the sun made its way to the horizon, it let what was left of the day's light gleam through the trees and illuminate this families love for one another. 

We played in the leaves, which the kids absolutely loved. I barely got the idea out of my mouth before I found myself rushing up the hill to capture the joyous chaos that ensued. Leaves flying everywhere and unending giggles. I'm pretty sure we even got the attention of the wedding party that found the park equally as stunning as we did. 

Stephanie and RAE- as our family grows, I can only hope we have the same love that you two have with your family. We are thankful for the opportunity to be a part of your memories and can't wait to do it again!