Ashley + Jovan Engagement

I'm so excited for these guys to get married!  Ashley... is a planner. I get that from the countdown to their wedding on Facebook started somewhere in the 450 day range!  Jovan is family and coupled with Ashley's planning for their special day has my wedding excitement on overload.

We brought them from the "Land of Lincoln" to the good ole "land of Cheeseheads". We left the house and started our adventure on some backroads close to our home. We made small talk and caught up a bit before we headed out into a meadow adjacent to an old farmstead. We found the light and started to make magic one photo at a time. 

Ashley was certain that she could not be "natural" when having her photo taken and given her "planner" personality the nature of our shoot threw her for a loop.  Jovan on the other hand was cool as a cucumber ready to go with the flow. I caught myself several times just chuckling at the way they interact with one another. Ashley, out of her element and worried about every thing and Jovan calming her with his short, very "matter of fact" directions.  "Don't worry about it" , "just do it", "it's fine".  Although Jovan's encouragement was short in to the point its calming affect on Ashley was some thing you couldn't help but notice.  I'm 100% confident that marriage at the very least will be fun for these two. One of the most import things if you ask me.

In spite of her worry Ashley is a natural.  I love the emotion that we captured in their photos. Their love for each other permeates from each frame.  Shoot,  it even had me revisit Ashley's Facebook countdown to see how much time we have left until the big day.  

Jovan, I'm proud of you bud. Thank you for letting us be a part of your special day.  We couldn't be happier for you both. Bring on the wedding!!!!